Knee Discussion Club

The Knee Discussion Club is an invite only event for knee surgeons in the UK hosted by Mr Anand (Manchester) and Mr Lavelle (Fortius) taking place over 2 days in the UK. Many opinion leaders from the UK were present. This was a great opportunity to update and share current knowledge about biological knee treatments. The event was organised by Innovate Orthopaedics and Joint Operations.

Yorkshire Sports Knee Meeting

Mr Guy organised and chaired another fantastic meeting of Knee specialists from the Yorkshire region. We are grateful to Joint Operations for their kind sponsorship of the event. We had a large turn out of specialist knee surgeons with a broad skill set. Pure sports knee surgeons, surgeons with major trauma and limb reconstruction experience, paediatric knee surgeons, senior academic physiotherapists and senior knee fellows.

The venue was an amazing private dining room that was housed in Iberica, Leeds. (Highly recommend the food and the gorgeous venue). We presented some high-quality, complex / unusual / rare / knee cases that were all discussed for the benefit of patient care. Mr Guy had managed to capture earlier in the day video footage of the exceptionally rare ‘snapping biceps femoris’ syndrome and with the patients permission was shown and discussed. Also Mr Guy presented some complex biological knee reconstruction of failed knee ligament surgery requiring re-aligning the knee with an osteotomy and at the same time using donated allograft tissue (dead donated American’s!) to revise and rebuild new ligaments and also a custom sculpted bone graft made from a donated femoral head. The patient was back at work in a physical job at 6 weeks!

We look forwards to the next knee meeting in October 2018.

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