Private Health Insurance

We are recognised by all major health insurance companies. You do not need to be insured however to receive treatment. You can ask about self-funding your own private treatment. We do not at present treat NHS patients.

GP referral

You will need to check with your insurer as a referral letter from a GP is usually required BUT not always. Your insurance company will issue you an ‘authorisation code’. If you need to be seen at short notice you still need to contact your insurance provider and this should not be a problem to organise.

Fee assurance?

Generally when you seen a knee specialist, they can effectively charge you an amount that may vary according to the experience and seniority of the surgeon. This may mean that your insurance company only will cover you for a percentage of that fee, leaving you with a costly excess to pay. Here at we are fee assured – we charge within the limits that your insurance company has set – so you won’t get a ‘surprise’ invoice to cover the shortfall for the surgery.

What are the fees?

A clear bonus of having treatment by a ‘fee assured’ consultant means that you will have no extra costs to pay for your appointments or surgical fees. The cost of surgery varies and depends on the complexity of the case. Each operation has a procedure code assigned to it. This procedure code will be given to you to inform your insurer and can be seen on

Appointment fees are within the limits set by the insurance companies and can be obtained by calling

What does my authorisation code cover?

Policies vary from individual to individual. Most will cover an appointment, routine investigation and imaging with a follow up. You may have an excess to pay as part of level of cover on your policy so it is always worth checking for clarity.

Anaesthetic fees

If you need an operation then an experienced consultant anaesthetist will be assigned to assist. The fees they charge are not the responsibility of but will be covered by your policy if they are fee assured.