I have injured my knee, what next?

We have recently done undertaken research that is ongoing in this area and are currently trying to promote the diagnosis of knee injuries amongst health care colleagues. A frustrating, recurring theme is the multitude of knee injuries that do seek out help initially only to be told that they have ‘sprained’ their knee or their X-Ray shows no fracture / break so there is nothing to worry about…

Once the knee settles people then to go back to sport and suffer another injury – significantly and irreversibly injuring their knee because their initial ligament injury wasn’t diagnosed or followed up by someone skilled and familiar with knee injuries. This clearly has implications for sports / hobbies / employment / quality of life in both the short and long term.  Prompt diagnosis and treatment makes a huge difference so book an appointment early, especially if you have been told you have a sprained knee. This delay in diagnosis is NOT good enough.