PCL injury in a football player treated with a ‘PCL Jack Brace’

The PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) is the largest ligament in the knee and is injured less frequently than the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). The classic mechanism for a PCL injury is a large force going through the front of the shin bone (tibia) in a bent knee. This is sometimes called a ‘dashboard’ injury when a car rapidly decelerates and the bent knee hits the dashboard and snaps the PCL. When a sportsperson suffers a PCL injury they need urgent specialist management to decide if they need an operation or whether they can have non-operative treatment such as a ‘Jack Brace’. Early definitive diagnosis and treatment will ensure the best outcome. The PCL Jack Brace is specially designed and engineered to provide appropriate support to a PCL that will allow it to heal to avoid an operation.

The following case report highlights how some knee injuries on the sports field can be catastrophic for a knee even with an innocuous mechanism of injury. This link has a case report of a football player referred to Dr Power and Mr Guy who was successfully treated and with accelerated rehab went back to playing quickly. The injury occurs on the video approximately one minute into the football game. The second link is to other athletes who have been treated by my collegue Mr Williams of the Fortius Clinic using the ‘Jack Brace’.

Video and story of footballer:


Links to other professionals treated with a ‘Jack Brace’: