Partial Knee Replacement

The knee must meet strict criteria to qualify for this – namely the knee must have good movement, not be too bent or deformed and have intact ligaments. The medial knee compartment is replaced far more that the lateral knee compartment or knee cap joint. The partial knee versus total knee debate Doing a knee … Continue reading Partial Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Surgery Decision Making Tool The decision to have a total (or partial) knee replacement can be difficult to make. A decision making tool has been devised to help you work out how well you could do after a knee replacement. This form can be filled out by yourself and also with the help … Continue reading Total Knee Replacement


Before surgery If you have medical conditions then you may be invited to attend a pre-assessment clinic by one of our specialist nurses. Routine blood tests, tracing of the chest (ECG) and an MRSA swab will be performed to ensure you are safe to be admitted to hospital. If you have any source of infection … Continue reading Arthroscopy